Provide Smart Extension Services

Establish Market Linkage

Leverage On Use Of Inputs

Provide Appropriate Technology


To contribute to poverty alleviation in the Coast region by increasing household incomes through ecologically friendly agriculture and blue economy related interventions. see more...


To support both members and the general public to undertake commercial agriculture and blue economy related interventions through service provision aimed at increasing yields, improved market access and value addition. see more...


i. At least 30% of members supported to undertake irrigated agriculture
ii. At least 50% of members engaged in commercial agriculture .
iii. At least one agro processing plant established and operational
iv. PUFCO membership increased from 300 to 3,250 of which at least 30% will comprise of youth.
v. The annual incomes of PUFCO grow from the current Kshs 400,000 to Kshs 10 million by end of the plan period
vi. The management capacity of PUFCO is enhanced
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The Pwani Ufanisi Farmers’ Co-operative will undertake various activities aimed at raising funds to finance the identified objectives. This will be done by;
Engaging corporate institutions, the local business community, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), County & National Governments, and other well -wishers to support the initiatives as part of their Corporate Social Investment.
Supporting innovative initiatives to raise funding from Corporates and individuals. Such initiatives include, but are not limited to;
Cultural events that celebrate the rich heritage of the Coast (e.g.) Kishutu Festival to raise funds to implement the CBOs activities.
Organizing Sports tournaments in the region to create awareness and raise funds to alleviate hunger in the region.
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It is our aim that these activities will be beneficial in;
Creating employment opportunities for our women and youth thereby improving their standards of living.
Enhancing food security through;Increased food production for household food security and sustainable livelihoods
Value addition to improve incomes
Improving access to clean drinking water which will in turn lead to; Improved health.
Improved sanitation through provision of eco-toilets for good sanitation.
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You will get agricultural advice from our experts.
You will find reliable farm inputs such as fertilizer at affordable prices.
You will have a sure market to sell your produce.
You will learn how to grow plants of different types.
We will be able to understand our challenges as farmers and together we will be able to find solutions.
The goal is the same. Improve the life of the farmer.
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 Self-help.
 Mutual responsibility.
 Innovation.
 Equality.
 Equity.
 Honesty & Openness.
 Social responsibility see more...


PUFCO’s work will be guided by the seven universally accepted Co-operatives principles which are:-
(i). Open and voluntary membership
(ii). Open and voluntary membership
(iii). Democratic member control.
(iv). Economic participation by members
(v). Autonomy and independence
(vi). Education, training and information
(vii). Co-operation among co-operatives
(viii). Concern for community.
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Provide Appropriate Farming Knowledge .

Training Farmers

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Provide Smart Extension Services

Smart Extension Services

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Leverage On Use Of Inputs

Providing Farm Inputs.

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Establish Market Linkage

Market Linkage

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Provide Irrigation Support.

Provide support for small scale irrigation infrastructure development

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